Walter Financial follows fundamental principles that encompass more than its investments, whether public or private. With our patient capital, we embrace a long-term vision and team up with businesses to grow with them and reach new horizons, side by side.

We see holding a stake in these businesses as forming a partnership. Our work relies on the strength of their business model most of all, but we go beyond a careful financial analysis.

For us, investing in a company also means investing in the people behind it. We believe that to help businesses grow, we need a solid management team.


Our portfolio

Our four-pronged equity portfolio strategy has been developed to maximize the performance of our investments, but all of our portfolios are shaped by our entrepreneurial vision and our commitment to creating value through long-term growth and profitability.

Public markets

public equities

High-performance businesses, regardless of market cycles

Walter Public Markets’ Diversified Public Equities portfolio comprises a limited number of market-leading companies, from here in Canada and around the world. Our underlying philosophy: A strong company run by agile and forward-thinking people will fare well even when the economy does not.

Selection criteria for portfolio companies:
  • Superior business model
  • Healthy cash assets
  • Solid financials
  • Value creation for long-term shareholders
Our analysts’ fundamental approach is to seek out:
  • Long-term competitive advantages
  • Exceptional management teams
  • Outstanding performance
A few telling examples

Public Equities

Hand-picked companies with long-term potential

The investments in our Strategic Public Equities portfolio represent larger amounts invested and they are concentrated in a small number of high-calibre businesses.

The one-of-a-kind approach employed by Walter Public Markets for the Strategic Public Equities portfolio is rooted in a permanent capital base, enabling us to:

  • Embrace a long-term vision, knowing that capital can stay invested
  • Strategically invest in large and often illiquid assets
  • Become the second biggest shareholder in numerous public companies, after the founders, even holding board directorships at a number of them

We also act on more complex opportunities when we are in a position to add value.

Companies are carefully selected based on their:
  • Management team
  • Business model
  • Long-term market outlook
A few telling examples
Private equity

Our private equity investments are managed by our two specialized teams, based on the same long-term investment horizon.

The Walter Group’s long track record of entrepreneurial success has equipped us with the tools to build a winning corporate strategy and business model. We offer this expertise to top-tier firms with the potential to reach new horizons.

The businesses we select are ones we want to invest in today and grow with tomorrow.

Walter Capital Partners

Businesses to invest in today and grow with tomorrow

The Walter Capital Partners portfolio is composed of small and medium-sized companies that are:

  • Already established
  • Looking to grow
  • In need of capital
  • Seeking expertise to expand and succeed

Walter Global Asset Management

A growth-oriented platform for the asset management industry

Walter Global Asset Management aims to build long-term partnerships with forward-thinking independent boutique asset managers who are passionate about their mission, have an excellent track record and are open to partnerships that will leverage their capacity to manage more assets and sustain growth.

Other asset classes

We occasionally invest in other asset classes in order to diversify our portfolio.



Walter Financial: A vision in action

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